What Am I Not Allowed to Bring to SUMMIT One Vanderbilt?

No Weapons, Dangerous Materials, Transportation Devices, Suitcases, Professional A/V Equipment, Outside Food and Beverage.

For the safety of all Guests and SUMMIT employees, please leave the following items at home as they are not permitted on our premises:  

  • Firearms, other weapons, or dangerous materials including pepper spray, laser pointers, glass containers, aerosol cans, permanent markers, construction tools, and sporting equipment 
  • Transportation devices, including bicycles, roller skates, roller blades, skateboards, shoes with wheels, strollers that cannot be folded, wagons, hoverboards, scooters, and Segway-type devices 
  • Suitcases, trunks, wheeled duffle bags, carry-on bags, and packages, i.e., any bags, containers, or parcels larger than standard backpacks, purses or messenger bags are prohibited; all containers are subject to search by the SUMMIT security team 
  • Professional A/V equipment, including selfie sticks, tripods or monopods longer than 12″ fully extended, large commercial video or photo equipment, megaphones, amplified speaker devices, and drones of any size. 
  • Outside food and beverages 

To ensure a safe and secure environment for everyone at SUMMIT, any other items that our security team or executive management feel can pose a threat to guests and staff will not be permitted entry at their discretion. Check out our complete list of Prohibited Items at summitov.com/prohibiteditems/